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    The new strenght of the italian Jewels

    The Osa Gioielli project was born in 1989 as a company to all effects. But it was conceived above all as a new idea, deeply oriented to the ‘jewel system’ renovation, keen to experience new paths and to try new experiences. The top quality Italian goldsmith tradition with its unmistakable uniqueness, creativity and style, is combined with new technologies. Sensibility and wit come together in search for new shapes and precious materials. The architecture of the ‘jewel’ as an object, is now designed not only to be ‘used’, but also to be ‘worn’, ‘looked’ and ‘dreamed’.

    Only in the sign, as well as in original and unmistakable details, men and women crystallize the unforgettable moments of their life. Every jewel expresses a timeless feeling or a symbol which can be found in the various collections. Precious caskets which trigger strong emotions, either if you give the jewel or if you receive it.
    The creations by Osa Gioielli represent one of the highest Made in Italy examples in the jewellery world. Timeless shapes for inimitable jewels, made with great passion thanks to the manufacturing tradition which has always characterized the top quality Italian goldsmith’s art. What is the essence of Osa Gioielli style? Creations that reveal a clever combination in the processing of silver 925, gold, bronze, natural quartz, galvanic applications, as well as the classic Venetian murrines manufactured with particular care and skill.

    Fantasy, high quality and extreme attention to details characterize the Osa Gioielli products, thanks also to an extremely careful quality control performed to every single jewel. Every Osa Gioielli creation is the result of an inspired research and design development carried out by a creative team working together in the operational headquarters in Civitanova Marche.

    Osa Gioielli today has more than 2000 customers and a network of 35 sales agents. Its advertising investments are among the highest in its market sector, fully deserving a prestigious place among the most dynamic realities of Italian jewelery. Osa Gioielli is planning new initiatives and it is ready for new and forward-looking projects.

    Discovery our latest jewels lookbook coming soon